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Do you need to learn about the real estate listing presentation? Bob Loeffler is the founder of Fearless Agent and is one of the top trainers in the country. He has helped over hundreds of passionate and ambitious individuals become successful real estate agents.

Things agents must do before their next listing appointment

Be sure to obtain a property profile through the multiple listing service to find out about the owners of the property, as they are the only authorized people to sell a home. Make sure to research about the trust deeds or mortgages and other possible liens to the property before the listing appointment. 

Learn about recent sales in your area in addition to the listing presentation that you have for your prospective clients. When you know the market, you can handle seller stalls and objections more effectively. Also, most sellers contact more than one agent for a consultation. So, make sure to know your competition, and modify the value you bring to a transaction accordingly.

Tips for a successful listing presentation 

If a seller has made five  real estate listing presentation appointments with agents, try to be the number five on the list. This way, the seller is going to want to hear a new approach from the next competing agent if you are second or third in line. By being the last one, you are more able to address any remaining concerns, and the seller is highly likely to divulge them when he knows you are the last one.

Arrive for your appointment on time to create an excellent first impression on the seller, and try to be friendly, personable, and approachable. Make sure to give the seller an honest and expert assessment of his property and its marketability. Lastly, do not talk about listing price until the end.

How to market your real estate listings

The vast number of real property transfers happen as a result of their listing. Learning to use the Multiple Listing Service, in combination with a couple of other approaches, can help you market your property more effectively. Some of them include:

  • Talk about your listings – At your next meeting with peers and other agents, be sure to talk to them about the buyers they’re working with and their clients’ requirements. If any of their buyers seem like a perfect fit for your listing, let the agent know about it. Also, make it a priority to verify the new listings daily.
  • Create special agent-oriented flyers – Modify your listing brochures to include information that will prove essential for other agents and buyer representatives in your MLS.
  • Arrange open houses for agents – Place your listings on the agent tours, and conduct a special open house exclusively for agents. Your listing should draw an agent’s interest, and provoke him to show the property extensively to several buyers.

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